Lifting, Carrying and Disability

One hallmark inquiry made by any administrative law judge during the course of a Social Security disability hearing regards the level of lifting and carrying involved in the claimant’s past work and how those requirements are affected by the current impairment or disability. If excessive lifting and carrying are part of the claimant’s employment, he or she should expect a number of questions on this topic.

For instance, the judge will begin by asking whether the claimant has any problems lifting or carrying. Some medical disabilities do not affect one’s ability to lift or carry and these inquiries may not be relevant to a particular hearing. However, the vast majority of disability cases involve inquires into strenuous-type work activities and will be explored further.

The judge may pose hypothetical scenarios such as how much can the claimant lift or carry for different portions of the work day. The judge may ask the claimant to describe the heaviest item to be lifted as well as how the claimant typically lifted the item.

Postural limitations may be explored if relevant to the hearing. This includes questions about the claimant’s ability to bent, twist, stoop, knee, crouch, crawl or climb stairs and ladders. If pertinent, the judge will ask if the claimant can do these activities for varying durations of the work day without difficulty.

Lastly, manipulative limitations may be explored if the particular job requires dexterity. Your Marietta Social Security disability attorney will advise you on the best ways to answer these questions and how to prepare for the hearing. The judge may inquire as to the claimant’s limitations with respect to reaching, handling, feeling, pushing, pulling, twisting the wrist and working with hand tools. A claimant with notable trouble holding on to items or frequently dropping items should testify to these facts as well. It may be relevant whether the claimant can perform repetitive hand maneuvers during the day as well.

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